Compensation Professionals, we want to hear your voice!

We believe that system features should be CO-DESIGNED with people that will actually use
the system. We can create more innovative concepts and ideas when working within a co-design
enviorment with others. We want you to help us build a SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE, AND BEAUTIFUL tool
that will be become the gold standard for other compensation professionals. Large HRIS vendors
are not always able to support variable compensation processes, especially strategic component
of variable compensation. We believe there is space for a TRAILBLAZING system that puts variable
compensation users and their processes in center of system design. LET'S GO!

Plan Inventory Management
  • 'Describe' vital incentive plan characteristics
  • Customize which characteristics you want to track
  • Answer key questions about how your incentives are structured across the company, assess those plans and integrate with plan document automation
Plan Document Creation
  • Use templates to create plan documents
  • Dynamic update of document text to reflect plan characteristics from plan inventory
  • Tag sections of text and use as components in a new plan document
  • Identify text components or language that every plan needs to contain.
  • Drag and drop, document formatting
Plan Document Workflow and Collaboration
  • Allow other functions to contribute in plan document creation
  • Plan document approval process
  • Create workflow in plan document creation
  • Electronic signatures
Plan Assesments
  • Create custom rules that automatically assess plan features
  • Automatic creation of Plan Pros and Cons
  • 5 star rating system
  • Supports plan assessment summaries
Plan Budgeting & Accrual Management
  • Allow Finance partners to input budget and accrual information
  • Create rules to alert for potential accrual issues
Enrich Data with Incentive Managment in Focus
  • Tag employees with properties (high risk, etc.)
  • Group job titles into families and categories
  • Group grades into categories
  • Group organizational points into rollups
  • Integrate enriched data with plan inventory, assessment and plan financial information